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Your guide to more confident interviewing

ebook to help you interview for your next job smarter! 

Get your guide to more confident interviewing!

I developed this interviewing ebook to provide you with the power of knowing what to expect and the confidence that comes from knowing how to showcase your strengths.

It's designed to help you ask questions during the interview and provide answers so that you feel more comfortable and confident.

Here's what you get:

→ 7 Things you must do before you even start interviewing

→ Nail your intro (your answer to "tell me about yourself")

→ Identify which stories you'll tell before the interview

→ 100+ Sample questions to practice answering out loud

→ 30+ Questions you can ask the interviewer

→ Create a 30-60-90 day plan

→ The best way to follow-up after your job interview

→ Always send Thank You messages after your job interviews


→ Sample Thank you message

→ 10 step pre-interview checklist

→ Interview prep worksheet

→ Checklist of items to negotiate (besides salary)

Never feel unprepared for a job interview again!

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