LinkedIn Guide

Create a robust profile then draw attention to it.

If you've ever wondered how to enhance your profile and presence on LinkedIn, this guide will answer your questions.  Within its 40 pages, you'll find the help you need to build a better LinkedIn profile. And once you've updated it, you're ready to take action!   The real magic on LinkedIn happens when you engage on LinkedIn and you'll find tips and ideas to make this almost effortless.

Here's what you'll get:

40 pages of instructions, screenshots and worksheets in an electronic (pdf) format.

  • Checklist To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Worksheet
  • How To Update Your Status Regularly
  • 25 Status Updates That Get Attention On LinkedIn
  • How To Post Engaging Comments On LinkedIn
  • How To Respond When Someone Shares A Job On LinkedIn
  • How To Research The Person Who Posted A Job On LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Features You Should Know About

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